SolidWorks Motion

SOLIDWORKS is a software tool employed throughout the entire design process, from conceptualization to the final product manufacturing. As a foremost design tool globally, it facilitates hands-on learning of 3D modeling. Utilizing such software offers numerous advantages to users, including:

  • Reduced Design Cycle Duration
  • Enhanced Productivity for Engineers and Designers
  • Accelerated Delivery of Innovative Products

Course Objectives

The course is designed to provide students and professionals with the fundamental knowledge required to attain certification as a SOLIDWORKS associate. It empowers individuals to use the software with confidence, enabling them to design and draft the next innovative creation.

Role in the Industry

  • Millions of companies worldwide utilize SOLIDWORKS.
  • The software empowers designers by enabling the secure import and storage of data while maintaining flexibility and accessibility.
  • Designers and engineers consider SOLIDWORKS an innovative solution for tackling project challenges.

Course Highlights

  • CAD Modeling and Animation – Creating a 3D animated representation of product designs.
  • Assembly Design – Designing individual parts and assembling them.
  • Sheet Metal Design – Developing designs for parts intended for sheet metal fabrication.
  • Costing – Evaluating the design's value relative to manufacturing costs.
  • Product Data Management – Safely repurposing design data.
  • Weldment Design – Modeling structures composed of welded standard structural members.
  • Tolerance Analysis - Analyzing individual part tolerances and collective functionality tolerances.
  • CAD Library – Enhancing productivity through the utilization of CAD library.
  • Interference Check – Verifying the fit and operational compatibility of all parts according to specified requirements.


Acquiring SOLIDWORKS skills at CADD Centre will significantly contribute to your goals. The training provides access to hands-on files and reference manuals, facilitating the progression of your skills from basic to advanced levels. The certification awarded by CADD Centre serves as tangible evidence of your proficiency and understanding of the software.

Job Prospects

An individual certified in SOLIDWORKS, having successfully completed the advanced skills examination, can readily secure an outstanding job in the market. Freshers can explore opportunities in various sectors related to product design, validation, and manufacturing.


For any mechanical engineer, possessing knowledge of 3D modeling is an additional asset to their skill set.

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