SketchUp Courses in
Trivandrum & Nagercoil


SketchUp stands as a comprehensive and integrated 3D modeling software, highly favored by construction owners, inspectors, architects, engineers, and subcontractors for its seamless precision and enriched work output. It is the preferred choice for individuals aiming to learn and master the latest version of the SketchUp Course in Trivandrum & Nagercoil. SketchUp proves to be an ideal tool for crafting 3D models and presenting them in a realistic manner.

Course Objectives

The SketchUp course is tailored for individuals seeking expertise in SketchUp for building design applications. The chapters of the course are organized to seamlessly incorporate concepts relevant to each topic, and this alignment is reinforced through corresponding tools and application-oriented examples. This design ensures a straightforward and systematic learning experience, providing a deeper understanding of the various tools covered.

Role in the Industry

SketchUp empowers architects and designers to sketch shapes and lines, facilitating the swift and precise transformation of surfaces into 3D forms by moving them back and forth. With SketchUp, you have the freedom to play and create anything you desire. The versatility of SketchUp extends to model presentations through LayOut. LayOut in SketchUp allows for the addition of model views to pages, application of drawing scales, and insertion of dimensions, graphics, and callouts. Modifications made to the SketchUp model are automatically reflected in LayOut, resulting in significant time, effort, and energy savings.

Course Highlights

  • Produce visually clear RFI graphics
  • Generate highly detailed, dimensionally accurate 3D models
  • Capable of devising multiple approaches for constructing building models
  • Import and export CAD and various other data types
  • Craft sequencing animations illustrating project progress
  • Develop visually appealing documents for effective project communication.


The SketchUp training at CADD Centre empowers students to optimize their return on investment and enhances their ability to create superior products. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to extending their expertise to fulfill the learning and course requirements of the students.

Job Prospects

SketchUp stands out as a widely sought-after and user-friendly software utilized by architects and modelers worldwide. Many innovative companies leverage this software to generate compelling building models for rapid construction.

This presents an outstanding chance to acquire proficiency in the software, address intricate modeling challenges, create construction documents, and bridge the skill gap.


Individuals with an interest in architectural design and a desire to work in areas like exterior design, interior design, whole building modeling, and documentation will find value in learning this software. Professionals specializing in BIM/Architectural design can also derive significant benefits from using this software.

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