Python for Mechanical Engineers

Python is a simple yet powerful programming language. Its simple syntax makes python easy to learn. Also, this language integrates well with all types of programming models such as imperative, object-oriented and procedural programming. Python has efficient high-level data structures. It is used in Mechanical Engineering in the areas of numerical analysis, thermodynamics, and computational fluid dynamics.

Course Objectives

This course teaches the language and syntax of Python and its applications in mechanical engineering. It covers the methods of writing automation scripts for CAD, and using python scripts to set up and run finite element studies in Abaqus, a software application used for both the modeling and analysis of mechanical components and assemblies and visualizing the results of finite element analysis.

Role in the Industry

  • Python is widely used to automate creation of CAD drawings
  • It is widely used in conducting numerical analysis, the most popular application in mechanical engineering.
  • Python is also used in other areas such as vibrations and dynamic motion, simulation and modeling engineering etc.

Course Highlights

  • Python Basics
  • Modules & Functions
  • List
  • Strings
  • Scientific Calculations
  • Python Libraries
  • CAD using Python script
  • Abaqus CAE using Python script


A CADD Centre training and certification in python for mechanical engineering can open many doors for students in the job market. With the expert guidance from the CADD Centre training team, who have industry exposure, you will gain practical knowledge and best practices in applying python to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Job Prospects

Python adds tremendous value to the resume of mechanical engineers, as employers expect their engineers to possess the knowledge of integrating mechanical engineering concepts with a computer language like python, and simulate and automate concepts. Jobs are aplenty in automotive, aeronautical and other manufacturing sectors for engineers who know how to use libraries available in python to quickly solve problems in areas like numerical analysis.


Students of Diploma / Degree holders in Engineering (Mechanical and related streams),Mechanical engineering professionals

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