NX Nastran

NX NASTRAN, originally developed as the NASA Structural Analysis Program, was created to assist NASA engineers in conducting structural analysis. Over time, it gained popularity in the production and manufacturing industry. As a versatile Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, NX NASTRAN facilitates simulation across various analysis types, including linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer. In essence, this tool is instrumental in optimizing the performance of existing designs and creating distinctive products at a lower cost.

Course Objectives

The NX Nastran course is structured to impart fundamental knowledge of structural analysis to both students and professionals. Participants will gain insight into linear and non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA), including its applications and modeling techniques. The training method systematically introduces and reinforces concepts, ensuring that trainees grasp the material effectively.

Role in the Industry

  • The parallel calculation capabilities of NX Nastran, particularly in linear static analysis and engine value analysis, contribute to a significant reduction in the costs associated with physical testing for rocket engines.
  • As a top-tier CAE tool, it is employed globally by manufacturers due to its essential engineering computations that aid in design optimization.
  • It sets the industry standard for computer-aided analysis, covering stress, vibration, structural failure/durability, heat transfer, noise/acoustics, and aeroelasticity. This makes it well-suited for applications in aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, automotive, and heavy machinery industries.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to NX Nastran
  • Understand the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Static Sequence Solutions
  • Output Control
  • Constraints and Load Types
  • Linear and nonlinear analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • 1D, 2D and 3D Meshing
  • Assembly FEM


The training team at CADD Centre has the requisite knowledge and expertise to facilitate your seamless learning of both fundamental and advanced features of NX Nastran. Their expert guidance is instrumental in helping you become proficient in using the NX Nastran software. Additionally, CADD Centre's industry affiliations enhance your chances of securing your desired job in the field.

Job Prospects

Industries such as aviation and aerospace, automobile, computer software, construction, mechanical or industrial engineering, shipbuilding, and other manufacturing sectors extensively utilize NX Nastran for structural analysis. Obtaining a certification in NX Nastran qualifies you for employment opportunities in these industries.


This course is designed for individuals, including engineering students, designers, and FEA analysts, who possess a strong interest in structural design and linear static analysis.

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