This software is used to deliver the projects more smartly. With the powerful software as MicroStation by the side, it is easy to take design, construction, or any operations project. Despite the design information or kind of deliverables required, you can always trust on MicroStation’s power and capacity to perform every task.

The MicroStation family provides the power and versatility to view, document, and visualize information-rich design and infrastructure projects of all types.

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide students with the ability to get up and go running so that you can complete 2D drawing projects, edit graphics, title blocks, and generate results while using MicroStation.

Role in the Industry

The software has been used successfully for more than 20 years. Also, there are thousands of significant projects that have been carried out with the implementation of MicroStation. Students, who are planning to learn, will be happy to know that a company working on global infrastructure projects takes MicroStation as preferred CAD platform.

  • MicroStation lends the expertise which industry has been seeking
  • It can create and edit the design content in both formats (DGN and DWG) which is not possible otherwise.
  • Users can develop industry-specific solutions without affecting data integrity in the project

Course Highlights

This course on MicroStation features on both the architectural and civil examples so that students can get a good understanding of the software across various applications. MicroStation course will assist students in architecture, construction, engineering, roads and rail, utility systems, communication networks, process plants, mining and more. The topics include:

  • Understanding file management
  • Navigation of interface efficiently
  • Generation of 2D geometry
  • Manipulation of 2D geometry
  • Implementation of standard levels and cell symbols
  • Setting up of reference files
  • Printing final drawing file
  • Including dimensions and text
  • Geo coordination


CADD Centre will allow you to build better infrastructure by accurately predicting the infrastructure’s real-world performance in advance with MicroStation. The optimized curriculum and courseware will help you master all the features of the software.

Job Prospects

There are ample of job opportunities available for someone who has a broad background of MicroStation. Job openings after MicroStation course completion include Associate Engineer Designer, Assistant Designer, Associate Water Resource Designer, etc.


No prior skills are required to take up This course of MicroStation. However, a basic understanding of MicroStation software will be beneficial.

This course will prove best for Project Engineers who would like to improve their knowledge of MicroStation and their understanding of the processes and CAD standards requirements.

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