EV Battery & Operations(64 Hours)

This diploma course packs the theoretical knowledge on, and the practical training in design, simulation, and analysis of the parts that go into making a complete battery system for EVs.

Ideal for

  • Diploma / Degree holders in Engineering (any stream)
  • Bachelor’s Degree holders in Chemistry, Physics, Maths
  • Students with exposure to the automobile industry
  • Professionals working in automobile / IT industry

For the jobs of

  • Battery Test/Validation Engineer
  • Battery Engineer
  • Battery Systems Engineer
  • Manager - Validation and Testing
  • System Integration Engineer
  • BMS Electronic engineer
  • Battery Modeling Engineer
  • Lead Firmware Engineer
  • BMS Embedded Engineer

Program Objectives

The program is quite comprehensive wherein it takes you through design, modelling, manufacturing, and packing of battery with the aim to make you an expert in Battery Management System.

This training encompasses the Electric Vehicle Technology course, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of various scientific and technological concepts essential in battery engineering.

Subjects covered

  • Introduction to Energy System and Batteries
  • Materials used in EV batteries
  • Battery design and manufacturing
  • 3D Modelling of battery pack using CAD application
  • Packaging and Safety
  • Charge and Discharge Architecture
  • Battery Management System
  • System integration basics
  • SMART Battery and HIL

Course Outcomes

Sound knowledge about

  • Battery hardware
  • Circuit Design
  • Communication protocols
  • Architecture of battery pack

Expertise in

  • ircuit Design
  • Building EV batteries as per requirement

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