Diploma in Project Planning and Management ( 64 Hours)

Project Management is the process of initiating, planning and executing a project with optimal uses of resources within the scheduled timeframe and budget. A successful project manager should have the ability to envision the project from start to finish, as well as the skill to execute it. The top CAD Training Institute in Trivandrum offers a Diploma in Project Planning and Management.

In the fast paced business environment it is essential for project managers to adapt and constantly improve on existing practices thereby improving operational agility – the capacity of an organisation to adapt and seize opportunities in the constantly changing business environment.

Course Objective

The objective of this program is to ensure that certified professionals have achieved sufficient understanding of Project Management and project management software to be able to apply it in projects as per specific requirements and changing circumstances or business environments.

Course Content:

As part of this program, participants can opt for a Diploma in Project Planning and Management using any one of the three widely used Project Management software applications, Primvera, AstaPowerproject or Microsoft Project.

In the case of those opting for a diploma using Microsoft Project, the course is further tailored according to their field of work/study. Specialised diploma programs in Project Planning and Management using Microsoft Project are available for professionals in management, IT, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering streams.

Who Can Enroll?

Professionals in the field of Project Management looking to upgrade their skills with better understanding of Project Management related software can benefit from this course.


Graduates from any stream can apply for this course

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