Course on Project Management Concepts

Have a profound grasp of essential PM concepts

Course on Project Management Concepts

time Duration: 24 Hours

Course Overview:

Project management is the systematic process of planning, executing, and controlling tasks and resources to achieve specific goals within a defined timeframe and budget. The idea of treating a business as a project is gaining momentum, as it offers a structured approach to achieving strategic objectives and adapting to changing market conditions. Hence, learning project management has become a premium skill. Organisations hire trained and certified project managers to ensure efficient resource allocation and to enhance their competitive advantages.

Key Topics Covered

tickProject Management framework

tickIntegration Management

tickScope Management

tickSchedule Management

tickCost Management

tickQuality Management

tickResource Management

tickCommunication Management

tickRisk Management

tickProcurement Management

tickStakeholder Management

Here are top three learning outcomes
you can gain with this course
  • Effective Planning

    You will know how to create comprehensive project plans to ensure clarity, resource allocation, and timeline adherence.

  • Efficient Execution

    You will know how to manage project teams, monitor progress, and address issues effectively.

  • Risk Management

    You can identify, assess, and mitigate risks to ensure successful project completion.

A Must-to-Have Skill for


Aspiring Project Managers


Team Leaders






IT Professionals


Marketing Managers


Construction Managers


Anyone involved in project-based work

save money

Salary Range in India

Indicative earning potential for Primavera professionals in India, depending on job positions:

Rs.4 Lakhs


Rs.14 Lakhs


What drives this career path?

There is a consistent demand for skilled project managers in various industries

There is a consistent demand for skilled project managers in various industries

Globalisation and technology are enhancing the demand for project managers

Efficient resource allocation and utilisation are gaining importance

People proficient in Project Management Concepts help companies achieve their goals successfully - hence trained PM professionals are in high demand

The demand for PM skill in industries like construction, engineering is skyrocketing