Certified EV System Modeling and Simulation Engineer

Course Overview

Electronics is emerging as a pivotal aspect of the future of automobiles, with expanding horizons in the automotive domain. The evolving landscape and advancements in the field of electronics underscore the imperative need for upskilling. This course addresses this need by imparting a comprehensive skill set. Encompassing principles of chemistry, mathematics, electronics, and programming, the course integrates diverse elements. Moreover, it delves into EV system modeling concepts and provides insights into the applications of simulation software. The course serves to refine participants' skills in understanding and modeling EV systems.

What you will learn from this course?

  • Calculation of vehicle dynamics
  • Knowledge of cell chemistry
  • Simulation of EV cell models
  • Knowledge of motor controllers
  • Understanding of EV auxiliary system
  • Concepts of battery pack modeling and range collection
  • Grasp of different testing needs
  • Constructing design of battery charging architecture
  • Matlab simulation and script
  • Python programming
  • Python for FreeCAD, ABAQUS
  • EV Simulink application

Projects under this course

  • Finding ICE vehicle traction power and simulation with MATLAB.
  • Creating a motor model with the incorporation of a control algorithm for concerned EV drive needs.
  • Evolving a Simulink model of a DC motor by incorporating ODE.
  • Understanding and implementing cell balancing algorithm by Simulink.
  • Interpretation of features of an automotive suspension system.

Academic and skillset requirements

  • Automobile or Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science/Information Technology/Mathematics
  • Arts and Science students
  • Keen designing skills
  • Detail-oriented for analysis
  • Interest in automobiles

Job responsibilities

  • Evolving designs and models for EV systems.
  • Interpret user requirements and business concerned to EV systems.
  • Develop prototypes and execute analysis by incorporating Simulation software
  • Evolve designs based on feedback and analysis results taken as the foundation
  • Team up with manufacturing team to support production and manufacturing process of the product

Top Employers

  • Automotive design companies
  • Software companies
  • Automobile industry businesses

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