AutoCAD Mechanical

AutoCAD Mechanical is a manufacturing-focused mechanical design software. Specifically tailored for product manufacturing, it expedites the mechanical CAD process within the AutoCAD environment.

This software integrates the strengths of AutoCAD with industry-specific libraries of tools and parts. Therefore, it is essential for individuals engaged in the design and construction of machinery to acquire proficiency in AutoCAD Mechanical.

Course Objectives

The AutoCAD Mechanical course is crafted to offer significant advantages to students engaged in mechanical CAD design. Additionally, the robust drafting features of the tool can prove to be efficient in various other industry sectors.

Role in the Industry

The software enables designers and technicians to generate comprehensive 3D digital models of their work, providing detailed information on dimensions, materials, and the functionality of moving parts.

Course Highlights

  • Navigating AutoCAD Mechanical Interface
  • Structuring, reusing and editing mechanical data
  • Managing layers and object properties
  • Adding centerlines and holes
  • Creating key geometry
  • Annotating parts and subassemblies
  • Creation of templates and data
  • Placement of dimensions


CADD Centre provides specialized training in AutoCAD for mechanical engineers, ensuring that the course is structured to equip students with the skills needed for competence and employability. The optimal approach to mastering this potent drafting tool is by enrolling in AutoCAD Mechanical at CADD Centre.

Job Prospects

AutoCAD Mechanical qualification opens doors to a plethora of career opportunities. Graduates can pursue roles such as AutoCAD Design Engineer, CAD Technician, or AutoCAD Draftsman in diverse fields like Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Furniture Design, and Architecture. Additionally, candidates can opt for freelance contracts in industries that demand AutoCAD expertise.


For students aspiring to master AutoCAD from foundational to advanced levels, paving the way for a career with this potent design software is essential.

A fundamental understanding of mechanical drafting and hands-on experience with the software will facilitate the progression of learning.

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