AutoCAD Electrical Courses in Kerala & Thamilnadu

AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical is a specialist control panel of Autodesk which increases the productivity levels of up to 80% when compared to the traditional methods of 2D drafting. The sound knowledge of the software can enable the electrical engineers to exploit the surplus availability of specially developed electrical drafting tools to enhance the productivity. AutoCAD Electrical courses in Kerala and Tamilnadu are available to equip engineers with the software and help them to build a successful career in the field of engineering. The courses provide hands-on experience in designing, operating and troubleshooting electrical systems. The courses are designed to help engineers develop a comprehensive understanding of the AutoCAD Electrical platform, the various tools available and their applications.

Course Objectives

The AutoCAD Electrical course will focus on the overview of AutoCAD electrical with emphasis on naming conventions; the use of symbol and their libraries, generation, and insertion of PLC layout modules, and organization of PLC database files. The course will also teach the students about generating a bill of materials reporting, creating PLC I/O drawings from spreadsheets, wire numbering, and component tagging.

Role in the Industry

  • Designing electrical symbols
  • Draw ordering lists
  • Place relay coils and contractors
  • Drawing required schematic diagrams

Course Highlights

  • Controls Design using standards-based drafting and PLC I/O tools
  • Automation of report generation and organization of files and projects
  • Schematic symbol libraries
  • Real-time error checking
  • Automated wire numbering
  • Schematic design tools
  • Compelling visuals and presentations of Panel Layout module
  • Project management to allow the designers to collaborate and work with team members and other personnel.


The AutoCAD Electrical course at CADD Centre is taught by skilled trainers who provide customized training and mentoring. The course completion certificate for AutoCAD Electrical from CADD Centre is universally recognized and valued.

Job Prospects

The students have a very good opportunity as an electrical design engineer if they possess the skills of AutoCAD Electrical. An individual at such a post can earn around $65,840 per year. Also, the pay for this job increases steadily for experienced candidates.


The individuals who want to take up the course must have a good working knowledge of AutoCAD software, and they must be well acquainted with the terminologies used in the electrical domain.

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