Architectural Visualisation With Lumion

Lumion is a 3D architectural visualization and rendering tool. Architects can transport a 3D model of a building design onto Lumion and in a matter of a few minutes create a stunning 3D environment around the model and render it. Architects frequently utilize Lumion to create striking video presentations and conduct live walkthroughs, impressing their clients.

Course Objectives

The course familiarizes students with Lumion's commonly used features. It covers importing 3D models from software like SketchUp, Revit, or 3ds Max, and selecting realistic trees, effects, and various objects/materials from Lumion's extensive content library. By the end of the course, students can produce images, videos, and 360 panoramas using Lumion.

Role in the Industry

  • Architects’ favorite tool for high-quality preview effect to fine-detail nature and displacement mapping.
  • Renowned for its diverse range of assets, Lumion offers an extensive selection of trees, human characters, animals, props, lighting, and furniture.
  • Widely used to introduce environments such as simple landscapes, forests, tropical environments, mountains, and suburbs around a building design.

Course Highlights

  • Importing and Handling 3D Models
  • Applying and Creating Materials
  • Exterior Scene with Lumion
  • Lighting in Lumion
  • Realistic Visualizations
  • Non-photorealistic Visualizations
  • Animation
  • Walk-through Visualizations


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Job Prospects

Proficiency in interpreting and managing architectural CAD drawings, along with the capability to model projects based on minimal sketches, is a valuable skill in the field of architecture. As visual representation gains increased importance, the demand for Lumion skills continues to rise. Showcasing refined Lumion abilities, including texturing, lighting, camera animation, rendering visuals, and conducting walkthroughs, serves as an effective means for candidates to stand out, secure employment, or advance in their careers within the architectural domain.


Individuals in the field of architecture, including students and professionals, as well as interior designers, landscape artists, and civil visualizers, can benefit from Lumion training.

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