3ds MAX courses in
Trivandrum & Nagercoil

3ds MAX

3ds MAX courses in Kerala & Tamilnadu are well-known for their comprehensive and advanced learning capabilities. These courses are designed to help the learners understand the basics of 3D modeling and rendering, enabling them to create detailed designs and animations. With the help of experienced and certified professionals, learners can master the techniques and tools to create realistic 3D models and designs. With the use of 3ds Max, learners can create stunning visual effects, simulate realistic materials, and create interactive 3D scenes. 3ds MAX courses in Trivandrum & Nagercoil are perfect for both professionals and beginners, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance in their career.

Course Objectives

The Max for Engineers/Architects course is designed to enable both students and professionals to acquire proficiency in the 3ds MAX software tool. Participants will gain knowledge in the fundamentals of 3D modeling and texturing, coupled with 3D rendering. This robust course is geared towards enhancing individual productivity and performance significantly. In summary, the program aims to empower students to master the software, ultimately boosting their overall efficiency.

Role in the Industry

  • Widely used by architects and civil engineers to create 3d visualizations for their designs.
  • The software possesses the ability to generate designs through the utilization of photorealistic models.
  • It provides controls you need to create highly realistic product models.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to 3ds MAX
  • Manipulating Objects
  • Learning 2D shapes
  • Conversion from 2D to 3D
  • Modeling 3D Assets
  • Advanced materials
  • Lights, Cameras and animation


Upon receiving certification from the CADD Centre, students and candidates become directly eligible to seize lucrative job opportunities in the industrial designing sector. With the expert guidance provided by the CADD Centre training team, candidates acquire practical knowledge that propels them to new heights in their careers.

Job Prospects

A professional certification for 3ds MAX by one of the most reputed brands on the globe will help professionals and students excel in their career paths. The course will make candidates skilled to work across multiple industries such as animation, scientific research, engineering, medical, manufacturing, and educational sectors to show processes that are organic, medical, corporate or mechanical in nature.


The course is specifically crafted for architects and building designers seeking to create precise and top-notch architectural designs of high quality.

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